Agape Licensed Spiritual Practitioner - Radical Forgiveness - Love Coach


​After a 4 year program, Patricia was licensed in 2005 by Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith at the Agape International Spiritual Center in Culver City, as an Agape Licensed Spiritual Practitioner (ALSP).  She is the lead for the Crisis Support team that serves the Agape community. Trained in Radical Forgiveness, Patricia was licensed by Colin Tipping in 2006 as a Radical Forgiveness coach.  She incorporates this modality, along with her training as a spiritual counselor, in individual sessions as well as group workshops. 

Patricia became a CLAC, Certified Love Attraction Coach by Kathryn Alice in 2012.  Through counseling and workshops, she assists her clients in releasing any barriers to love and finding their soul mate.

Patricia teaches spiritual principles, radical forgiveness, and the New Thought of emergence.  This creates a space for the discovery of unique gifts and talents within each individual, where the client discovers, grows and blossoms into their full potential.  Patricia lives and works in West Los Angeles. She has been a member of the Agape International Choir for 12 years.  She also appreciates nature, music, fine dining, metaphysical classes, spending time with friends, and reading while cuddling with her cat, Mr. Yanni.