"You could not be in better hands in working with Patricia. Her presence is one of wisdom and compassion, and her coaching and teaching abilities are amazing. With her work, not only will you heal and learn, but you will flourish." ~ Kathryn Alice, RScP

Agape Licensed Spiritual Practitioner

Work with a Spiritual Practitioner is similar to working with many types of therapists except that spiritual practitioners are applying spiritual principle. We begin with the idea that the client is already perfect and our work is to assist them in revealing that perfection.

A counseling session with a practitioner typically lasts approximately one hour, and can take place in person or by phone. Each session begins with prayer and ends with a Spiritual Mind Treatment, a scientific form of healing prayer. In this field of prayer, the practitioner assists the client in realizing the spiritual truth about their life, thus releasing false beliefs.

The practitioner holds the confidence of clients sacred and inviolate. What is shared in a session is never discussed with anyone, except where the practitioner is legally bound to report specific events.

"If you believe more in what you don't see than what you do see, then what you do see you won't see - and what you don't see you will see." Michael Bernard Beckwith

Patricia is not only well qualified to share Radical Forgiveness with the world but totally dedicated to the task.  She understands how powerful this strategy can be in changing peoples’ lives and has a strong desire to share it.  I appreciate her willingness to reach out into her community and beyond with her teaching and coaching services. – Colin Tipping
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Radical Forgiveness Coach

Transformational Tools

Radical Forgiveness provides you with powerful tools that will shift and change your life forever. All that is needed is your willingness.

Let's explore and uncover the possibilities that are waiting for you! Discover Radical Forgiveness and you will find the unlimited potential that is you, seeking to express the so much more that you are. Free! This is how you are meant to live. Find your inner peace and live in joy!

                                                                  Certified Love Attraction Coach

Patricia is a Certified Love Attraction Coach licensed by Kathryn Alice, RScp.  She has been trained in Kathryn's love   magnetization, relationship & dating techniques and is a licensed counselor in this work. If you need support in opening to love or have been blocked, working one-on-one with Patricia is the best way to gain the impetus you need to break through into soulmate love!


Agape Licensed Spiritual Practitioner - Radical Forgiveness - Love Coach