Radical Forgiveness Coach / Spiritual Counselor / Prayer Therapy/Love Coach
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*  Are you recovering from a break up?
*  Do you feel stuck in negativity?
*  Would you like to transcend office politics?
  *Would you like to get out of the pain that is holding you back?

Are you tired of living in the past?  Ready to let it go?

Forgive .....
Love again....
Live again.....
It's all there for you!!!

Patricia Kingery, ALSP,  RFC, CLAC

Agape Licensed Spiritual Practitioner 
Licensed by the Agape International Spiritual Center
Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith

Radical Forgiveness Practitioner 
Certified by Colin Tipping www.radicalforgiveness.com

Love Attraction Coach
Certified by Kathryn Alice
"Love Will Find You":

Individual sessions are by appointment in West LA.
Phone sessions also available.

Contact Information:
Email: patricia79@msn.com
Phone: 310-822-7672
Location: West Los Angeles, CA




Available for workshops at your spiritual center or church.  For more information use contact page to reach me or phone at 310-822-7672.
"If you believe more in what you don't see than what you do see, then what you do see you won't see-
and what you don't see you will see." 
Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith

"To forgive is to remember, that we have room in our hearts to begin again and again, and again."~Anonymous
Upcoming workshops:   

Magnitize Your Soulmate!
This 5 week support group is intended to focus on and call in your soul mate!

Mondays 7:30-9:00pm    November 10th – December 8th.

 Eradicate negative thoughts.
Release your fears/heal your flaw beliefs. 
Send out a soul call.
Learn your own love style.
 Discover a new way of dating.
This will be a small, intimate group limited to 8. We will be reading and working with "Love Will find You" by Kathryn Alice.
Cost is $125 for the 5 weeks.  Payable by check or paypal.  Phone 310-822-7672



Radical Forgiveness Healing Circle Ceremony
Facilitated by Patricia Kingery ALSP
October 11th.  1-3pm
OFTH day at the Agape International Spiritual Center, Culver City, CA.

NOTE: You must be at least 18 years old to participate.  Due to the contents of this workshop children will not be allowed in the room. 

This is is based on a Native American healing circle ceremony that I learned from Colin Tipping, teacher and author of  of Radical Forgiveness. It is extremely powerful and life changing. We will walk the circle together and silently honor and witness our story. As we walk, we see we are not alone. We see others walk as well. We will walk into a new vibration of Peace, understanding and forgiveness. This happens with ease and grace and privacy. It is healing. It is transformational.

This workshop will allow you to:

Learn how Radical Forgiveness differs from traditional forgiveness.

Experience the healing energy of Radical Forgiveness.

Let go of what may be holding you back from the past. Release stuck feelings of unforgiveness.